Learned big HVAC lesson this past holiday season

Birthdays are easily my favorite when it comes to holidays.

  • Actually, I guess birthdays aren’t really considered formal holidays.

Well for me, these are the days that I most like to celebrate. But I’ve never been a super big fan of the Christmas holidays. And that has nothing to do with the fact that we don’t have snow and the heat pump is quiet. Our Winters are quite mild down here. I hate to say that I don’t like the holiday season because that suggests I’m including Thanksgiving. And turkey day is perhaps one of my most favorite traditional holidays. Yet, I’ve sort of been a bit humbug over the rest of the holiday season. Perhaps that is an attitude that I’ve carried over from childhood. I lived up north then and we had a gas furnace that was always cranked to the tropical setting. It was so hot in that house during the Winter. I honestly don’t know how we afforded the heating bills. I dreaded Christmas because my single mom basically turned me into her Christmas sherpa. I had to deal with all the stuff like putting up the tree, decorating it with lights and then bringing down box after box of decorations from the attic. That sucked a lot because there was zero heating in the attic. So this past Christmas, I tried to lean into being festive with all kinds of candles for my apartment. I mean, I really lit up the inside of my apartment. My girlfriend also loves candles so that didn’t hurt me. But I almost hurt the heat pump because all of that burnt wax ended up glazing over the air filter. I just about choked out the heat pump.


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