Leaving my good gym for the country

In three months I am going to move an hour down south into the country. On one hand I am very excited to move. I am going to move to a bigger house with a large plot of land. I also will be totally private. I can walk around in a bikini top or change with my curtains open without an issue. I also will be right near my parents. The downside is that the country town has nothing in it. There are basically three restaurants, one grocery store and one bank. I recently found out there is no gym, body wellness center, core progression, nothing. I am out of luck as far as fitness goes. I found there are lower end gyms about thirty five minutes away. I don’t really want to drive that far for a work out. My home has a backyard shed that is quite big. I am considering renovating and making it into a gym. I need to buy new windows that actually can open. I also need to insulate the shed and get a ductless mini split installed. Finally I will need to purchase some fitness gear. I am used to going to my core progression gym that has everything. They have the weight training machines, cardio equipment and yoga mats. Now I am going to need to purchase all the stuff I like to use. I also am used to a personal trainer leading my workouts. For the first time in five years I am going to be working out alone. I am not sure how I am going to like this.

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