Leaving the AC repair until I got back home

Never leave an air conditioning repair for when you come home.

I made that mistake about a month ago.

I was leaving for a week long business trip and everything went wrong that day. I forgot to set my alarm, ran out of coffee and then the AC system clicked off. I could not get the cooling system to turn back on and I just decided to leave it. I told myself that once I arrived at the hotel I should call an air conditioning business. I could have someone babysit the HVAC contractor while I get the cooling repair done. That way I come home to no problems and nice air conditioning. Well I forgot and went a whole week leaving the house uncooled. When I returned I immediately remembered that I had no AC. The house was hot, stuffy and had a weird smell to it. Since my area is so hot and moist naturally, it leaked into my home. I had mold growth all over the place. There was mold in the toilet, shower and sink. Mold formed in my corners and along the air vents in my home. It was disgusting. This was due to the AC not keeping the moisture out of the home and allowing mold to form due to how hot it was. I had to call an air conditioning company that day but could not get an appointment until a week later. I cleaned and then was on mold patrol the whole time. Also I had to suffer with no AC in the 100 degree weather for a week. It was brutal.


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