Left chiropractor job for HVAC

I was meant for doing something hands on

Going to school is a really huge deal now. It seems as if everyone is pursuing higher levels of learning. What about the construction work like technicians, handymen and plumbers? Where are the people who are able to fix things? Not everyone is set for school life and able to afford it. Not everyone is intelligent enough and talented enough too. Not every person can be a dentist, lawyer or nurse. Sometimes you have to do what you are capable of, not what you want to do. I knew I was not meant to be a chiropractor. I decided to be an assistant to one instead. I worked at the local chiropractors office for just about six weeks. In that time I saw some things that changed what I wanted to do. I started entirely working there in the summer, plus the whole facility was so old it didn’t have any air cooling at all. In the chiropractor’s offices they had window A/C units mounted. In the general rooms for the people, they had no temperature control at all. This made the office a pretty moist site. It was regularly warm, humid, with terrible air quality. This is eventually changed what I wanted to do in life. I decided to leave that assistant job to be a Heating, Ventilation, plus air cooling professional. I was meant for doing something hands on. I am more talented with handling A/C machines than I ever was within that office. It is such a better fit for me.

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