Lessons from not doing a/c care

I had a central air conditioner updatement done at the start of the year in preparation for summer, plus I let the excitement of ticking that off our to-do list take over, and i forgot to keep up with a/c care plus missed all the a/c service dates we’d set with the a/c repairman.

I had promised to make the call two days before the stressed day, but I did none of that.

I only remembered when I saw the a/c professional at our workplace, where he’d been called to change the a/c filter. I had not l acquired from all the air conditioner drama I’d had the year before the up-to-date a/c install was done when the A/C expert told me an a/c repair could no longer save our neglected a/c. I called the a/c contractor instantly to schedule an inspection of the a/c setup plus also to have the filters changed! As expected, the filter was dirty plus long overdue from not being updated within the recommended 90 days! The equipment worked harder to cool the house, which the expert proved by telling me to look at our energy costs for the past many months. The bill had risen despite our using the digital control equipment religiously as a way of conserving energy. I’m prone to forgetting, so I asked to sign up for the prepaid services provided by the a/c company, which would assign them the responsibility of tracking the service schedule. They called a week ago to remind me they would be coming for the stressed inspection plus filter updatement, so I expect them by the end of the week. It’s a more convenient plan for me, plus I’m assured that I can love the climate control from the equipment for a long time without repairs due to negligence.

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