Letting my dog sleep in the bed

I have had my dog for about six years now and he is the love of my life.

I haven’t told my boyfriend that yet, but I’m sure he knows just by my actions.

I love my dog so much that I am willing to put an umbrella over my dog and get myself wet in the rain. Most people that own dogs can understand this because they get the love that I am talking about. Well, one thing that I like to do that I am not sure most people do is let my dog sleep in the bed with me. My dog is over 100 lbs and he is huge! He also runs really hot because he has very thick fur. So my boyfriend doesn’t love it when my dog sleeps in the bed, but I really do sleep best like this because I feel comforted when the dog is right next to me. Since my dog runs so hot that means that I have to blast my air conditioner all night. I really don’t mind having the air conditioner running like this because it helps me sleep better too. I also like to have my fan on in my room to help the air move around. I am not even going to say how much money I spend on my electric bill each month, but it’s a lot of money! However, I don’t care because I love having my dog in the bed with me!

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