lIfe as a construction worker

I am a construction worker, and as a construction worker I am consistently involved in building a lot of new property in the city, and every one of us build everything from small RV’s, to massive dealer buildings. If you could name it, I could easily build it! One time though, there was this particular project that was a little strange for all of us construction workers… The supplier that contracted us wanted us to set up the groundwork for installing a fresh commercial heating plus a/c, but I was thinking that anything that was connected to a commercial heating, ventilation, plus A/C idea was something for the heating and cooling professionals to handle. This supplier that contracted us very didn’t know their stuff as far as I knew. Either that was the case, or they were trying to be cheap! Luckily, a lot of us construction workers think a little bit about installing groundwork for commercial heating and a/cs. Even though that was the case, I was not one of those people! After all of my years on the job, I absolutely had to be trained in a new form of construction. Laying the groundwork for a commercial heating as well as a/c. The training took about a week. But, once I was done, I finally knew what I had gotten myself into. I must say, doing groundwork for heating plus a/cs is not easy. I am so ecstatic I have not had any more of those kind of jobs. I’ll stick to just building the locations if at all feasible! I almost believe that every one of us all got taken advantage of, being forced to do Heating and Air Conditioning professional type of work!

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