Life was harder before indoor cooling was around

In the small town where I grew up, the temperature of the environment kept on decreasing from time to time… In those mornings, many of the families had no HVAC program for cooling or heating their homes… Fortunately for us, the people I was with and I had a reliable HVAC program since our father was an HVAC serviceman! During the wintertime season, our furnace would provide us warmth; plus during the scorching summertime, our air conditioner would keep us cool.

It was actually breathtaking to us as a family. I remember a single afternoon, our father told us that back in the old days, there were no air conditioners to be had. He told us that humidity was the single thing that made summertime actually miserable.They got used to it, but they were consistently looking forward to fall plus wintertime… However the lake house he grew up in had shady trees around it, plus it was a more than one-story lake lake house where most heat went upstairs. They kept all the windows open in the miserably hot weather. The lake house he was living in sat on a hill where there was almost consistently a breeze; he told us that there was a river a half a mile away from their lake where he plus his friends would spend a lot of time dipping their bare feet during the summertime, which was a relief to them. They spent a lot of time outdoors instead of inside sizzling homes, especially in the night. They used to watch the stars at night plus occasionally stay around the gas furnace having fascinating conversations. I don’t guess that I could have survived during those mornings. I thank the person who invented the modern air conditioner.

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