Life's too brief to waste our dreams

My siblings plus I grew up on a farm, plus the people I was with and I lived in a easily small town.

All of us had a single traffic light that was a flashing green signal.

All of us had a small hometown pharmacy, small grocery store, plus a gas station, and when I was a kid, I remember going to the gas station to buy our Mom budweiser plus cigarettes… Back then, they did not care if you were old enough to smoke or drink, however i don’t guess that the laws changed until I was a teenager, my sibling always wanted to leave the farm plus tranathletic activity to the city, but he dreamed of dancing on Broadway. My parents couldn’t afford high-priced dance classes enjoy ballet plus tap, but our sibling watched lots of videos at the Barnes plus Noble. My parents did not guess that his dream would ever come true, plus they weren’t easily supportive. I always knew that our sibling would find a way to make those dreams a reality. My sibling plus I lead easily weird lives. I labor for a heating plus a/c service supplier, but he managed to become a dancer; Every once in a while, I travel to the city to watch his perform, but the rest of the time, I’m stuck in our small hometown. I don’t mind living in a small area, plus I enjoy our job at the heating plus a/c service supplier. I often travel to the city for commercial heating plus Air Conditioning repairs. Sometimes I get to stop in plus have supper with our sibling. I’m easily glad that he persevered plus followed his dreams. At least one of us will have a cool story to tell our youngsters.