Living down here is just the worst

What was I thinking when I decided to transport down to move to the South? Living here is the worst! I thought it was going to be so nice to live here where there is always daylight and hot uneven temperatures.

  • However, now that I really do live here, I hate it.

The fact that the temperature is always hot means there’s rarely a chance to cool off, and I truly hate that. I hate the humidity and the fact that the bugs are the size of small birds. I never knew how bad it would be here until I moved in, and then it was too late. Now, I am truly regretting my decision to transport here, and I wish I was still up North where the weather was colder, and back before I moved, I thought that this was what I wanted. At that point, I was simply sick and tired of my home’s insanely high heating bills, and I just wanted to go somewhere warmer. Now that I have done that, though, I have concluded it was a big mistake. It’s always so much better and easier to try and get warmer than it is to cool off, in my opinion. I think that the air conditioning bills here are truly going to drain my bank account quickly, and I wish that I were still dealing with heating bills instead! Is it just too little, too late, and I am just going to have to try and get accustomed to the hot temperatures down here?

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