Local gym does not follow covid safety protocol, but installed air purification systems in Heating, Ventilation & A/C

When Covid hit, numerous people stopped going to their local gym because they shut down, i live in an area where numerous companies opened up more quickly than the rest of the country.

I decided to wait to go back to the gym, just because so numerous people are touching equipment as well as it is easy for germs to spread, but when I eventually got the courage to go back to the gym, I noticed that numerous people were not taking Covid safety precautions.

I did not see anyone wearing a mask, including the employees. I saw some people cleaning machines after use, but not all the people. I totally understand that toiling out in a mask is particularly hard, but I was hesitant to go back to the gym after seeing that it looked savor a site I could really contract Covid. I asked the front desk person what Covid precautions were being used! He said that recently an air purification plan was installed into the Heating, Ventilation & A/C plan at the gym. He explained that the air circulating throughout the gym was clean as well as fresh, therefore this would help stop the spread of disease. I appreciated that the gym decided to install an air purification plan into their Heating, Ventilation & A/C , but I still did not recognize comfortable… Air purification systems are incredible, but if someone is close to myself and others coughing with no mask I could still get Covid. I decided to continue toiling out from home. I could control the temperature of my a/c, I could ensure that everything is clean, as well as I do not have to worry about getting sick from the gym, then plus, I have my own air purification system at home.

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