Looking for a condo with a particular Heating plus Air Conditioning system

House hunting right before the onset of summer time meant that other than the evident things such as floor system plus location, I would also be looking for a condo with quality Heating plus Air Conditioning.

Good indoor air conditions is vital during the summer.

I had multiple climate control units that I would want to be in my current home. I was also hoping to find one with a HEPA filter, but that was not a deal-breaker since I could change it after a particular duration of time. An air filter would not make me pass on a condo that met most of my requirements. After two months of actively searching with no results, my patience ran thin. The minute week into the seventh month, I got a call from a acquaintance who works as a cooling specialist. She told me a condo was going up for sale, plus it had the cooling unit that I favored. It also met most of my requirements. She had done quality A/C maintenance on the cooling install; therefore, he was sure it was in good condition. I was excited not only because I was guaranteed good air quality but also my desired floor plan. I immediately called the homeowner, plus all of us agreed on the afternoon for the condo visit. When everything was pleased, plus all of us decided on the price, I was ready to sign the papers. The homeowner was surprised that I did not want to call a cooling expert to check if everything was okay. I told him I knew a few things about cooling technology, plus the cooling industry was not current to me. If he only knew I had previously googled how to wash a washable filter.

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