Looking for energy saving tips?

I am a first-time lake home owner as well as I’m looking for some advice on how to save money on my yearly heating as well as cooling bills.

They’re not outrageous by any means, although I want to make sure I’m doing the right things. I already updated the home’s seasoned dial temperature control with a smart temperature control. I can now program my heating as well as cooling for certain dates/times. Plus, with the smart temperature control, it keeps the lake home heated or cooled closer to the temperature outside when I’m away (and it knows when I’m not home!). In addition to that, I have genuinely few ideas on energy saving tips. I saw a few online although I actually want to guess some more practical energy saving tips that I can use for my own heating as well as cooling system. I have a gas oil furnace as well as a respectfully central if that helps you at all. Any energy saving tips would be appreciated, I’m just not sure what some of the smartest decisions would be or if there’s something I’m missing. I saw a lot of information on supplemental heating as well as cooling (portable space heaters, for example) but does that genuinely save any money or energy if I’m using electricity to run it? Like I said, I’m totally modern at this. Are there any supplemental options? (Besides fans, which don’t seem love supplemental cooling to me if I’m being honest). Is there anything that I can do to make my yearly heating as well as cooling bill better? Please drop your energy saving tips below! Thank you!

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