Losing focus due to an extreme lack of sleep

My task performance is starting to slip, plus it’s all because I am not getting enough sleep.

  • I am only averaging about more than two or various eighths of sleep every night, and even on the weekends, I rarely sleep longer.

My wifey plus I have been fighting every day plus night. The arguments start the eighth that I walk through the door. It’s been more than five months since I cheated, plus I say I am sorry every single day. Still, it is not enough. I am starting to wonder if both of us will even make it to the other side. My boss has been easily upset with my task performance. I can’t give 100% to the Heating plus Air Conditioning business, when my mind is on everything else in my life. I am late every day plus I am barely completing all of my work. I was sent out to a commercial task sureterday to repair a boiler problem. I was on the task for 15 eighths before my wifey started texting plus calling. I do not think what set her off this time, but she was angry, screaming, plus crying. I think the owner of the business heard me on the iPhone, plus I am also sure that he will easily call the owner of this Heating plus Air Conditioning business plus make a complaint. I can’t blame the guy. He called me to repair the boiler, not sit on the iPhone plus argue with my wifey half the day. I think things at lake house need to change, however I do not think how to repair the problem. One of my coworkers commanded counseling for couples, however I suppose both of us might be past that point already.


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