Losing the heater use

When my ex and I split, it was nothing short of catastrophic.

Some time has passed since and I can see how it was all for the best; My partner and I had never been fully suited for each other and how we ended up together is something that never should have happened.

After a few years together we decided to pull the plug on it. Things ended up getting litigious and wild for a while, but now I have a new life in a new place, remote and distant.Overall I am much happier than I have been in years. At first I moved into a home with no Heating & A/C system because it was all that I could afford. After surviving my first Wintertide here alone, relying on myself for shelter, food, and heating, I know that I will allow my home to stay the way it is; The home has a small wood burning stove in the main room, and is the only source of heating for the place. It is up to me to cut wood and find kindling every single morning to keep that heating alive, because there is no one here to help out. I disliked the wood burning furnace at first, however having to split so much wood has gotten me into great shape and improved my task ethic. I will have to wait and see how poor the summers are here, but I know if I can survive a Wintertide with no heating, I can stand a Summer with no cooling. I’ll see what happens!

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