Lousy schedules make for high energy costs

I don’t have a regular schedule for my work.

I can sometimes be out of the country for weeks or even months.

I never know when I am going to be home or when I am going to be leaving if I aem home. This means that my often is more often empty than it is occupied. It makes it really difficult to keep up with the normal maintenance that goes with owning a home. I knew that there was a lot of wasted energy in my home and I knew I needed to find a way to handle all of this. I decided it was time to install a home automation system into my home. My wife would travel with me and we were tired of coming home and finding that different malfunctions was destroying our home. A broken hot water heater would cause problems with mold and mildew. A broken furnace would cause broken pipes and a lot of damage. Another concern we had was with the risk of security. All of these problems were solved when we installed the home automation system. We have been able to incorporate all of the management of our home into one single control. Our smartphones are able to keep us apprised of all problems in our home, whether it is in the HVAC or in security. It doesn’t matter where we are, we can get alerts if there is a power outage or a swing in the temperature. We even get notifications if there is a window or door opened, or if there a glass breakage, or movement inside the house when we aren’t home.
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