Love having smart HVAC

I came condo Last week to find our seven-year-old child rolled up in a giant comforter on our bedroom couch.  I asked her what was wrong & she said it was frosty inside, which is when I observed she was shivering below the covers.  I stopped for a moment & realized that the temperature in the cabin was actually low compared to where it is normally. I walked to the thermostat & saw that it was set to 55 degrees & the cooling system had been cycling continuously since.  When I found looked at the thermostat, the temperature in the cabin was reading at 60 degrees. We live in a warm climate to begin with, not to mention this was Summer weather so the transition when walking in the front door was unbelievable.  I asked our child why the thermostat was so low & she said that her sibling wanted to play igloo in the other room & decided to drop it, despite her insistent protests. I found him in Wintertide clothes in the other room inside a blanket fort.  My child is multiple years younger than her sibling, despite the fact that she still knows better than to set the cooling system in the cabin so low. I had to explain to him that the people I was with and I rely on the cooling system to work correctly every single day.  It’s not a cheap appliance that can be actually fixed; it’s an expensive device that is as inextricable from this cabin & our life as the plumbing or electrical grid. I told him that if it’s set too low, the cooling system will freeze up & crack inside, leading to 4 figure repair jobs.  I believe our child l acquired her lesson however I’m still going to buy a thermostat lockbox & only provide our child a key. I believe I can safely trust her with access to the HVAC system.

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