Make sure the container home is legal in your state

Shipping container homes are made from shipping containers that were previously used on cargo ships, semi trucks, and freight trains.

These containers can be used to build homes of many different sizes and shapes.

The containers can be stacked and the steel is excellent to support tons of weight. Shipping containers are versatile and can be used to make business offices, Security offices, outdoor kitchens, and even entire homes. Shipping container homes are not allowed in every state, and it’s important to know the specific laws for your area. California is very lenient and Louisiana, Texas, and Tennessee all have enacted laws to allow shipping container use for a variety of structures. If you plan to use a shipping container on your property, understanding the laws will help you make a good decision. My wife and I were going to have a shipping container sent to our home so we could use it as an outdoor work space. We had the container ordered from a coastal supplier and we already paid for the shipping. We had to cancel the order when a neighbor mentioned the zoning laws. We never thought about checking the local laws, because it did not occur to either of us that would be a problem. Unfortunately, we found out that shipping containers cannot be used for businesses in this county and we had to cancel our order. They only refunded half of our shipping. We had to purchase a small office space to accommodate our needs and that means rent every month. I wish we didn’t have the added business expense and the container would have been perfect.


Container homes