Making furniture

When I first married my husband, after meeting him online, everyone I knew told me it was a mistake.

We were very different, this was true, and I would need to move up north to be with him, but my instincts told me he was The One.

Much to the chagrin of everyone I moved away, and they were all quite surprised to find out I was very happy with him. Although it was a huge change in lifestyle, I never regretted it for one single minute. He is truly the love of my life, and he is also the single best craftsman of custom wooden furniture I have ever encounter. He converted an old barn into a furniture workshop, and it is filled to capacity with lumber, wood, and crafting tools. His work is so much in demand that he currently has an 18 month wait list for his custom furniture orders, and that wait gets longer every day. I asked if I could help him with his furniture business, but he explained that he does everything 100% himself, and that’s why people pay top dollar for his work. The last thing I wanted was to ruin his reputation as one of the top customer furniture men in the country, so contented myself by bringing him coffee and food while he worked. Since I have so much time, and access to the woodworking tools, I have decided that it won’t hurt for me to try my hand at making some furniture for myself. Who knows, maybe I will be good at it one day.

Leather chairs