Me and my girlfriend used to argue about the thermostat

Me and my girlfriend are always fighting about something or another.

We really don’t have very many serious fights, but we are quarreling about this and that almost constantly.

It was bad enough before we started living together, but when she moved in with me, we had far more to fight about. I can’t stand the fact that she says she’s not hungry and then turns around and steals food from my plate. She can’t stand the fact that I leave dirty laundry lying around. Well, at least we recently cleared up an argument that we had been having for some time. The argument was over the temperature on the thermostat. I prefer a cooler temperature on the thermostat, say, about 72°. She prefers a warmer temperature of about 76 or more. We started going to bed with the thermostat set to 76°. Then, I would get up in the middle of the night and change it to 72 hoping my girlfriend wouldn’t notice. I thought I was getting away with this for several nights until she confronted me about it. I was ready with a suggestion. I would go out and buy a tower fan for my side of the bed so that I would be cooler. I wasn’t going to make the purchase until I had to. I have to admit though, ever since I started using the tower fan on my side of the bed, I have felt just as cool as if the thermostat was set to 72° even though we have kept it at 76. I guess we’re both happy at this point.

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