Memorial day celebration moved outside because of the air conditioner

I love celebrating memorial day.

Though it doesn’t seem like that important of a day, it is still a fun day to hang out with friends to welcome the introduction of the summer.

Usually, I invite close family and friends to my house to have a meal and watch some sports. However, this memorial day was a complete fiasco because of our HVAC unit. As I said before, we usually spend the day indoors, and during that time of year, the weather starts to warm up a lot. We usually adjust the thermostat to have a lot of air conditioning so that we are all comfortable. Partway through the day, before the beginning of the sports game, the air conditioner stopped working. With the combined heat of all the people in the room and the warmer weather, it began to feel like the furnace was running. Without the air conditioner, this whole day would be ruined without quick planning. The first thing that we did was call an HVAC company that offers 24/7 support, meaning that they could come today. Next, we moved all of our food from the house with no air conditioner outside. Without an air conditioner, the outside would actually be cooler than the inside. Finally, though we couldn’t use our television, we brought out a projector, and we watched the game on it. We hardly noticed that we had no air conditioner, and I almost thought it was more pleasant. Also, while we were having fun, the HVAC worker was diligently working to fix our air conditioner. I just love holidays like this!


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