Military spouse need HVAC fix

I am 8 months pregnant and my husband is deployed with the Marines.

As if that’s not stressful enough my air conditioner just went out.

I called around to a few HVAC companies but they want close to $90 just to show up. I really can’t afford that at this time but I also can’t go without air conditioning being as pregnant as I am. I didn’t know what to do so I kept calling different HVAC companies, hoping for a better deal. Finally I found one that is owned by a veteran. The lady who answered the phone was very understanding of my situation and she said that the company would only charge $30 to show up. She also said that the $30 would go toward any repairs that my HVAC system needs. Furthermore, she explained that they can set up a payment plan if the repair costs we’re over $100. Well I was really happy. An HVAC technician was able to come out that very evening. It turned out to be the actual owner of the company. He spent a few hours working on my HVAC system and I started to get rather nervous that it was going to be a very expensive fix. Especially when he started going out to his truck to get different parts. However, when my air conditioner was back up and running, and he handed me the bill, it was only for the $30 that I had been quoted for the visit. He then thanked me for my service and left. I’m so happy I could cry.

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