Missed a flight because of house services

I had dashed out of the house like the devil was on our heels.

The Uber was already waiting for me outside to take me to the airport.

I was an hour later than I had busy to leave the house. The hour was to cover any traffic jam the people I was with and I would encounter on our way to the airport. The delay was not honestly our fault. I had called the house comfort supplier as soon as I knew they were open. The cooling tech would be at our house at eleven PM, but he would come at noon. The dual-fuel system was not working, which meant that the people I was with and I did not have any form of cooling to help with indoor comfort. What I thought would be a minor house repair turned out to be more. The heat pump needed to have 1 of its parts updated, plus the smart temperature control also required to be fixed. The cooling workman took more time than I had anticipated, plus by the time he finished, I barely had enough time to get to the airport in time for our flight. I regretted not canceling with the homeowner solutions supplier when they told me that the cooling specialist would only be available at eleven. In retrospect, the whole issue was our fault since I had assumed that with a quality Heating plus Air Conditioning plus some energy-saving help tips that I followed, 1 could forego regular service! My ignorance caused a much greater problem that affected the smart temperature control; Nonetheless, I still hoped that I would make it on time. There was no time to go through the check-in process by the time I got to the airport. I was about to call the same Uber driver when they announced that the flight I thought I would delay.



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