Mitigating health risks with Heating and Air Conditioning air filtration and purification

The first order of the day is to stay home and stay safe.

That is something I totally get. However, I also understand how completely maddening that must be for a lot of people. When you throw in the fact that we are all getting squeezed financially, it makes listening to the naysayers a bit easier. I hope and pray that we are disciplined enough as countrymen to do this right and not just make it worse. Being locked down in our Heating and Air Conditioning controlled home is not picnic. But, it beats maybe dying from a virus or passing it on to someone else who then might die. This time inside the Heating and Air Conditioning comfort of our home has gotten me to consider our surroundings even more. I suppose that the indoor air pollen levels of our home is impacted greatly by the Heating and Air Conditioning system. It is time to become far more proactive about making sure the air inside our home is healthy. This started with getting a actually great HEPA type Heating and Air Conditioning air filter. What I had been using was not at all what I thought it was. It was our assumption that the cheaper filters were keeping out contagions and contaminants. That is so far from the truth. The cheap Heating and Air Conditioning air filters are only filtering out particles massive enough to cause harm on the Heating and Air Conditioning equipment. The modern air filter will trap and remove over 99 percent of airborne contaminants. When I can, I am taking it up a notch with a whole home air purification system which will then kill nearly all biological contaminants.