Mobile gym was a great investment

I was looking for a cheap way to keep healthy at home.

I wanted to hire a personal trainer to come to my home, despite the fact that I did not own gym equipment. Also the fact that I move around a lot was also an issue. This was when I figured out a plan that could work & be cost effective. The only thing is that it was initially quite pricey. I make great money so who cares? I bought a mobile gym and I move it with me when I need to. The mobile gym business I found did everything for me. I gave them size information and what I wanted it to look like indoors. I got outlets so I can plug in my phone and sound system. I got overhead lights, HVAC, windows and a door with a lock. It is basically a shipping container that works as my own personal gym. I can move it with me anywhere too. It is just big enough that I need to hire a U-Haul, but it is small enough to fit inside and easily transport to my new location. I just plop it on my plot of land and I am good to go. I could fit gym equipment in there if I wanted to as well. Right now I just have mats on the floor and I do my own thing in there. The shipping container company handles anything that might break within it too. So far I haven’t needed to call them to do a thing! It was a turnkey solution. I just called them, paid them and now I have a quality product.


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