Modern heat pumps provide a lot of benefits

When it was time to choose a heating and cooling system for my new home, I looked into all the different options.

I live in an area with very hot and humid summers and fairly mild winter weather.

Since I need to rely on heating and cooling just about year-round, efficiency levels are extremely important to me. I eventually came across electric heat pumps and liked everything about them. Although a heat pump is more expensive to purchase and install than more conventional heating or cooling units, the one system handles both jobs. Plus, modern heat pumps features adaptable-speed technology which allows the compressor to automatically adjust output to match the needs of the home. Very rarely does a heating or cooling unit need to blast at maximum capacity. Today’s heat pumps can operate anywhere between forty and one hundred percent capacity. Speeding up or slowing down in tiny one percent increments, it provides only the exact amount of heating or cooling necessary. This allows the heat pump to run longer at steadier and lower capacities. It achieves more even temperatures, lower operational sounds and incredible efficiency. Plus, the extended run times are better for humidity control and air filtration. These intelligence systems also include wifi connectivity and can be accessed through a smart thermostat and companion app on my smartphone. My electric heat pump is set up to include zone control. Each room includes its own thermostat, providing independent temperature settings. I can both cater to personal taste for comfort and avoid heating or cooling unoccupied areas. The heat pump has saved me a tremendous amount on utility bills and helped to reduce my carbon footprint.



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