Modern technology has improved window air conditioners

When I was a child, portable air conditioners were much different than the models of today.

My family was the only house in the neighborhood with air conditioning.

We had two portable air conditioners that we installed in the late spring, and these units were very expensive to purchase. The equipment was extremely bulky, heavy and difficult to install. It took two people struggling to shove the air conditioner into the window. The equipment then hung over the sill by quite a bit on both sides. When the cooling unit operated, it was so loud that we couldn’t hear the television no matter how high we adjusted the volume. The air conditioner also dripped a steady stream of water. We needed to keep a bucket situated below the cooling unit to catch the water. While the cooling system produced a tremendous amount of cold air, it only offered one speed. It either ran at maximum capacity or not at all. It was not energy efficient and consumed a tremendous amount of energy. As an adult, when I decided to look into window air conditioners for the bedrooms of my home, I was amazed by the improvement in technology. Today’s window air conditioners are wonderfully lightweight and compact. They are very easy to install and provide whisper-quiet operation. The models I chose were inexpensive yet quite energy efficient. The cooling systems offer a range of settings, allowing me to regulate temperature, fan speed and even humidity levels. They actively filter out contaminants to improve indoor air quality. Plus, I can control the air conditioners through an app on my smartphone.
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