Modular agriculture of the future

I have started to grow my own marijuana, but I used to grow the plants in my garage until it got to be overwhelming in addition to I l gained more about marijuana growing! Temperature control, humidity control in addition to lighting control is key to having a quality product, and my garage was starting to lack in the majority of those elements.

I wanted to have a greenhome set up in my backyard for my marijuana growing.

The issue was that I could not afford to have a builder come out and then do it by hand. The girl wanted me to pay him eighthly in addition to the project would take weeks. I also have certain concerns with Heating & A/C, water, electric in addition to layout. I wanted to do vertical farming. The construction person on the job had said I would need to hire an electrician, Heating & A/C contractor in addition to a whole mess of other people. I looked online to see if there was one company that could do it all. I found modular agriculture online. There is a shipping bucket supplier that can set up a modular building for vertical farming, on the web I was able to design the building the way I wanted it. I needed to have special high powered LED lights for my plants and the company was able to do this. I had certain needs on how the plants would be watered. The modular building was able to set it up! Finally, getting Heating & A/C with the building was extremely simple. I never had to talk to a lady. I just did everything online, paid in addition to the building was delivered to my home perfectly set up. I now can grow my marijuana plants with no problems.


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