Mom told me her furnace was not a class project.

I was sitting in the kitchen last week, and I asked if my HVAC class could come to the house and get a hands on lesson on cleaning an air conditioning unit.

She told me it was okay, but I don’t think she expected fifteen people to invade her home.

She wasn’t happy with all the people who were tramping on her grass and taking turns working in the air conditioning unit. When we were done cleaning the AC unit, we all headed to the basement. Mom pulled me aside, and told me her furnace was not a class project. We had recently had repairs done on the furnace, and if she had to call the HVAC company again, we were all getting fired before we got jobs. I understood what she was saying. She was telling me she didn’t trust me or the other future HVAC technicians. She told me it had nothing to do with trust, but with lack of knowledge. She pointed out that there were no instructors with us. About ten minutes later, our class instructor showed up. He was running late, but he was hoping mom would allow us to look over the furnace. Some of my classmates became overly zealous and before the instructor got there, they had begun to tear the furnace apart. Two hours later, the instructor had it back together, and some of us got warnings about tearing a furnace apart when there was no need to. Although mom was angry that her furnace was ripped apart, she talked to the instructor and he assured her it was in perfect working condition. He had personally fixed the furnace, and took all responsibility because he was late.

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