More manufacturers should make safer space oil gas furnaces

Technology has improved our lives over the years by making it easier for us to accomplish tasks inside plus outside of our homes, and in addition, technology has been instrumental in bringing comfort when the two of us need it, then over the years, technology has improved to better fit our needs, but, there are some items that are still problematic plus need to be addressed.

One item that could use some improvement is the space heater, many people use these oil gas furnaces while I was in the Wintertide to supplement their high energy bills! While I suppose the space heating system is a good invention, they are responsible for more than 2 of the residential fires each year.

In fact the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) states that space oil gas furnaces are responsible for an average of 1,810 residential fires every year plus about 81 deaths, 160 injuries plus about $62 million in disfigures, and unblessedly, a lot of these fires have been caused by improper use by the homeowners, which includes leaving the heating system next to flammable fabrics, leaving it unattended, or plugging it into a surge protector, but though there is some negligence on the section of the user, I suppose it is about time all the manufacturers improved the technology to avoid such misuse… After some research on the peculiar types of space heaters, I found a few oil gas furnaces that could be mounted to the wall, not only are these oil gas furnaces safer for children, but they are the safest models on the market. My mother uses a space heating system while I was in the Winter, plus I will suggest that she invests in this mountable model. My motto is better be safe than sorry – I could be preventing a potential fire.

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