Mother has sitter that won't leave the thermostat alone

The two of us have been experiencing some pretty significant issues with my mom sitter.

A lot of times, the two of us genuinely go from our Lake condo to the southern areas, Plus at this time we leave a sitter with our mom.

The sitter doesn’t entirely pretty good job of working on the yard work plus making sure that the house is washed plus my mom is cared for. For the most part, the two of us don’t have to worry too much about Mom, but it’s nice to have a person there who can genuinely be an emergency responder. The last couple of times that I’ve spoken to my mom, the two of us have genuinely heard mom complain about the fact that this new sitter doesn’t want to leave the thermostat alone. Our ventless oil furnace is near the entryway, as well as this ventless oil furnace can sometimes be problematic. Since it is the beginning of the spring season, the two of us agreed that we would leave the ventless furnace alone until a specialist could view the system. It seems that the center is complaining about being cold and won’t leave the thermostat alone. She’s been turning the thermostat up to a lower temperature in order for the furnace to engage. It seems this could put our entire for an assistant into Jeopardy, but I’m not sure exactly what to do about the problem. With my wife plus myself here for genuinely two more weeks, it seems the best idea just to call another friend and relieve the sitter of four duties.

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