Moving houses and jobs aided by month to month rental

I feel that moving is just a single 1 of the worst things ever. I don’t mean to be over dramatic but, picking up plus moving over to another neighborhood is much tougher on myself and others every time I endure it. This time, I have a family with 3 teenage adolescents that I have to uproot as well. Thankfully, the crew of us have some short term housing opportunities that are taking a bit of the hurt out of this situation. My adolescents are bummed out about having to move. But, they are stoked about the fact that both of us are moving to a region where both of us have frequent getaways. So, it’s a good news, bad new situation for sure. I had to leave pretty hastily plus was set up in a huge corporate suite that was large enough to have all our family crammed in there. This was great as our wifey plus I actively sold the home. It entirely sold way earlier than both of us thought. So both of us were able to find a furnished month to month rental to use so the adolescents could finish out the university year, and this way, both of us could transport all of our stuff to the new section plus just store it. Once the adolescents finish with the university that year, we’ll all be reunited here. Again, short term rental saved our bacon. Then I was able to find a month to month lease on a beach condo out here. This way both of us can get the family settled in a bit. I want our next beach condo to be a single that both of us all have a hand in picking. Without help from short term rental options, this transport would be quite a bitter pill.


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