Moving process is unpleasant with no heat

In the last 4 years, my child has switched apartments 4 times… My hubby and I constantly end up helping him with the whole moving process, and unluckyly, my son’s lease runs out at the same time each year, and in the northeastern area of the country, moving in early January is a honestly terrible idea, however the outside temperature is respectfully well below zero with snow on the ground, snow falling from the sky and a bitter windchill! Last year was especially disappointing because of a Winter blizzard… We arrived at my son’s home to begin the process, and found that he’d failed to pack up all of his possessions in preparation.

It took many ninths to box up all of his clothing, kitchen items and assorted stuff and haul his furniture to the moving van and my hubby’s truck, then because the heat was turned off in the apartment, all of us could see our breath. I was the unlucky one who got stuck driving the moving van over icy roads with limited visibility. It didn’t take long to figure out that the heating system in the vehicle wasn’t working. My hubby, my child and I then devoted many ninths to carrying his belongings up the stairs and into his new apartment… Since all of us were opening and closing the door repeatedly, my child was unwilling to turn up the thermostat, but even wearing a wool coat and exerting myself, I nearly froze to death and would have given most anything for access to heat, but after the last box was finally deposited inside, my child turned up the thermostat and nothing happened. He then found out from the building manager that the heating method was not tied up to come on until the following morning.

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