Mowing into a heat pump caused legal action to happen

Last year, I had to hire a lawyer for some civil litigation help.

Juan and I share a side lawn.

My neighbor loves to mow and has a super fast mower. I have a heat pump system attached to the side of my house. I was worried that my neighbor would hit the heat pump system. I told him time and time again to be careful. I also told him not to mow that close to my house. Well Juan did not listen and ended up mowing right into my heat pump. My neighbor tried to sue us for the lawn mower being fixed. That lawn mower is real expensive. My wife and I did not feel like it was our duty to pay for the new mower. It was his fault on what he did. Also our heat pump system is totally busted. We needed a new one and needed it quick. The two of us were not planning on legal action though. When Juan filed a lawsuit in civil court, my wife and I decided to hire a civil litigator. Both of us didn’t want to take any chances, and a friend of ours offered to help with the case. He tried to reason with Juan. Both of us even offered to pay ¼ of the bill for the mower. He could just not do anything about the heat pump. The neighbor would not accept anything except full payment. When the case went to court, our lawyer fought hard and every one of us won. The neighbor had to pay our civil litigator fees and had to pay for a new heat pump system.

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