Music for the soul

I am an independent Heating and A/C corporation.

I do all kinds of Heating and A/C work in repair and upgrade.

I consistently take songs with me on our iphone, and listen to certain types of songs for strange types of Heating and A/C work. For instance, I love to listen to smooth jazz if I am doing an upgrade of radiant radiant floors. While i’m carefully placing the mats and everything else under the cement flooring, the smooth songs helps me keep our full attention to getting those radiant radiant floors in, while moving along at a nice pace. Then, when I am repairing people’s broken down central heating and air conditioner systems, classical songs does the task for me. Because that can be such a taxing laboring task, the classical songs keeps me calm, even if I am getting miserable with the broken down heating and air conditioner system. Those are just a few examples of how songs helps me work in all our heating and air conditioner upgrade and repair tasks, but even when I am at home, and if anything ever goes wrong with our own central heating and air conditioner system, I have our songs ready to help me repair all the problems. If I ever opened up our own heating and cooling business, I had thought that I would make it a requirement that all the Heating and A/C specialists carry their songs with them to work on every kind of task. Music makes this world go round in our opinion! And when doing work as taxing as heating and air conditioner repair or upgrade, it is undoubtedly much needed!


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