My A/C technician told me what the issue likely was

Although I don’t need heating and air conditioning advice very often, when I do, it is really handy to have a best friend of mine, who is an A/C technician, tell me what it most likely is.

My air conditioning system and heating device is located in the garage.

Only a few weeks ago, I was bringing home groceries. As I was carrying them out of the garage, I stepped into a puddle. There was a puddle right next to the HVAC equipment. This concerned me, because I had HVAC tune ups that year, and nothing was wrong according to the last A/C specialist. I decided to go ahead and call my HVAC tech friend, and pray that it was nothing serious. When I told him about the issue, he told me it was likely from a clogged drain. Thankfully, that was an incredibly easy fix, and although I didn’t ask, my kind A/C tech friend offered to get rid of the clog for me. When he came over, he was right, it was a clog issue. Once the drain was unclogged, the HVAC device stopped leaking. I also noticed a bit of improvement with my air conditioning system’s efficiency as well. Like I said before, although I don’t need HVAC advice all that often, it is truly great to have it when you need it. I am really grateful to my friend for helping me out. Otherwise I would be worrying for nothing and have to call a business to fix the issue which would cost money.


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