My air conditioning system just completely stopped working

There are times where I just am astounded by my luck, it’s ridiculous! Periodically, I can’t help feeling like the entire world is out to get me and somehow, I guess it’s something that is out of our control, especially my own.

For example, not even a month ago, there was the worst heat wave on record in the past 10 years.

It wasn’t just by a degree or two, either – it was over 115 degrees! In a tepid and humid locale like our area, that’s like stepping into a big oven. I swear, I could’ve cooked eggs on the hood of our car! It was that hot and humid out. So as I was sitting at home, trying to stay cool in the midst of this ridiculous heat wave, I heard our outdoor a/c component completely shut off. I thought that was strange, as it usually won’t cycle off until the temperature inside is matching the setting on the thermostat. So that’s when I checked the thermostat, it was about 82 degrees inside. I went outside to check out the a/c unit, and I could see steam coming out of the unit! That meant there was ice completely forming on the coils. This actually happens often when the a/c component is working too hard. I was outside for not even 10 minutes. But when I went back into our home, it was already 84 degrees inside the house! At this rate, I was going to be in danger before mid-day. I had no choice but to call a professional. So I called my Heating and A/C maintenance technician, and requested emergency repairs for our air conditioning unit. They were able to dispatch someone out to our home, address the issue with our a/c unit, and be on their way within two minutes. I didn’t like having to fork out so much money for the repairs, however it genuinely helped and I wasn’t sweating in this awful heat!

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