My allergies have been really bad

The past few weeks my allergies have been really bad, and at first I wasn’t sure why.

I asked everyone in my family if they were having similar problems, but nobody was.

A friend of mine told me that a few years ago his allergies got really bad because he had mold in ductwork. I never considered that my heating and cooling system could be cause for allergies, but I figured I might as well call an HVAC provider to see if they could help me. The first HVAC company I called didn’t have an HVAC technicians for a few weeks, so I had to call another one. Luckily the next HVAC provider I called told me he had a lot of experience in cleaning ductwork. He also assured me that he has helped many people with allergies that were related to HVAC issues. This made me feel pretty good, and I felt like I found a good HVAC technician. The HVAC provider sent out a few guys the next day and in no time they were working. They told me they wanted to installed a new AC unit but I didn’t really have enough money. I figured that it was work it, so I let them do the AC unit installation. After a few hours I noticed how much better the air quality was and I was so happy to have a new AC unit. Now whenever I talk to people who are experiencing allergies, I mention they should call an HVAC business to see if it helps.

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