My best friend has too much energy for me

My best friend is always full of energy, and she often wants to try strange activities like skydiving, parasailing, and base jumping. A few weeks ago, she approached me with something entirely different. She wanted the two of us to go together and have a cryo facial treatment. I didn’t even know what a cryo facial treatment was until I looked it up online. Most of the pictures didn’t make the cryofacial seem too appealing. I told my best friend that I didn’t want to try this activity with her. She begged and begged, and I told her to find someone else. A few days later, she called and said no one wanted to go to the spa and have a cryofacial. She offered to pay for both of us, if I would go along too. It was impossible to say no to that offer, and she knew that. I agreed to the cryofacial service, but not without severe hesitation and worry. I was actually stunned and surprised, because the whole process was amazing. The spa was a wonderful place and the staff was friendly and helpful. They treated both of us like royalty. When we received our cryofacial, the doctor explained everything in great detail. My best friend went first, and then it was my turn. I couldn’t see what was happening, and I could only feel some cold air in the atmosphere. When it was my turn, I laid there and waited for the process to begin. It was over in minutes, and the results were a complete shock. It doesn’t feel terrible at all, and my skin and face look younger everyday.

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