My brand new truck

I recently bought a new truck. I would rather have a truck than a car because of where I live. We have a lot of dirt roads and it is tough on a regular car. Usually with trucks you do not expect there to be a really high end heating and air conditioning system in it. However, with this truck I bought it ended up with a really strong and powerful central heating and air conditioning system! I have to say I was quite shocked at this fact. Because of the heating and air conditioning system in it I really felt as if I got away with a great steal on the price I actually paid for this lovely new truck! In the winter I was able to drive to and from work without feeling cold at any time! Then in the summer it was the same way. It was totally great air conditioning. No matter what the temperature was outside, I felt cool all the time! Dare I say that sometimes I actually felt cold and had to turn down the central air conditioning system in the truck. The truck is great in other ways too besides the heating and air conditioning system. It has really great gas milage. You can get 10 cents to the gallon. Like I said I really lucked out with this truck and all of the great and wonderful benefits it had with it! I wonder if the dealership I bought it from knew anything about the HVAC abilities and the gas milage?


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