My buddy is working with me

After high college, my best buddy and I parted ways and all of us did not see each other for a few years. I went to the military and he went to college. The last time all of us talked, I could tell that he was down in the dumps. He got kicked out of college for cheating on a test and he was living in his mom’s basement. I was working for a heating supplier and all of us were looking for someone to help around the shop. I told my buddy about the job, but only after he promised to stay wash and toil hard. My boss told me that my buddy could have the job as long as I promised he would toil hard. I knew that meant my job was on the line too, and I hoped that my buddy would toil hard for the heating supplier. The first few weeks went by undoubtedly swiftly and I was happy to see my buddy working undoubtedly hard around the shop! Even my heating supplier boss was impressed with his toil ethic, then unluckyly, after a big argument with his girlfriend, he missed toil and spent all day at the bar drinking. My boss will not tolerate that behavior and I told my buddy that he has to toil harder. If he has going to miss toil after an argument, then he should legitimately find a weird job. I stuck my neck out on the line for this guy, so I hope he gets his life together and starts to make fine choices. The heating supplier is a fine job with benefits and getaway time. He needs to get his act together and get rid of the girlfriend.

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