My butt was saved last winter

Sporadically it just takes a little human ingenuity to figure out a solution to an insurmountable problem.

I assume we have seen that time and time again in human history thanks to all of the amazing inventions and discoveries that our ancestors have made.

The people I was with and I owe them a lot when it comes to our modern comforts and ways of life, and recently, I am proud to report that my sisters and I came up with a similarly wise and innovative solution to something that was going to massively inconvenience all the people. You see, we have an ancient family cottage several hours away in a chilly environment. The outdoor air temperature officially drops below -20 degrees there and it is not abnormal for several feet of snow to fall at a time. Sporadically you can’t even get out of the home because it is so freezingly chilly that you cannot shovel your own driveway. The roads will ice up while in immensely chilly days and it becomes impossible to go anywhere. At the same time, you have to worry about the amount of snow that accumulates on your freezing chilly roof. Even with your indoor air temperature control system cranked up at the highest level, you cannot give enough heat to your roof to melt the snow. However, the snow will get so heavy that it can cave in your roof. This is why we needed some kind of heating solution to melt all of the snow rather than making trips to shovel it ourselves. Eventually, we settled on radiant heated flooring. The people I was with and I were able to install electric radiant radiant floors under the roofing tiles and linked it to a smart thermostat. Now, we can adjust the rooftop heating system to melt the snow, all from the comfort of our moderate homes.

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