My cousin just opened his own Heating, Ventilation and A/C company

There is a language to music; The way in which it is written, & read, is odd from anything else, but moreover, you can assume music when you play it.

That is the language I speak of, letting the music come through you, but i like to noodle around more than write music, coming up with riffs & music & jingles.

It is all really freeform & conceptual, & our approach is that every song is a puzzle that already exists, & is waiting to be solved. I have taken on a new challenge, a new puzzle, in promising our cousin to write a jingle to use in commercials for his air conditioner business. I am toiling for free, of course, however I told him if & when his air conditioner company absolutely takes off, then he needs to hire myself and others for a paying task. I am absolutely ecstatic toiling for free, because even if it is an ad for an Heating, Ventilation and A/C service it will be more listens then I have ever had before in our life! The advertisement is just the automobile for the language of music, regardless of if I am singing about tscheme care about or legitimately low prices on gas furnace inspections, it should ring true. If I can get our jingle stuck in people’s heads, it will make them remember the air conditioner company, which will hopefully translate into contractor & profits for our cousin; Who knows, if I never make any more music that sells, at least I can get a task fixing Heating, Ventilation and A/C systems with our cousin.
a/c professional