My cousin just opened his own HVAC company

There is a language to music. The way in which it is written, and read, is different from anything else. Moreover, you can feel music when you play it. That is the language I speak of, letting the music come through you. I like to noodle around more than write music, coming up with riffs and tunes and jingles. It is all very freeform and conceptual, and my approach is that every song is a puzzle that already exists, and is waiting to be solved. I have taken on a new challenge, a new puzzle, in promising my cousin to write a jingle to use in commercials for his air conditioning business. I am working for free, of course, but I told him if and when his A/C company really takes off, then he needs to hire me for a paying job. I am actually happy working for free, because even if it is an ad for an HVAC service it will be more listens then I have ever had before in my life! The advertisement is just the vehicle for the language of music, regardless of if I am singing about true love or truly low prices on furnace inspections, it should ring true. If I can get my jingle stuck in people’s heads, it will make them remember the A/C company, which will hopefully translate into business and profits for my cousin. Who knows, if I never make any more music that sells, at least I can get a job fixing HVAC systems with my cousin.


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