My dad added a lockbox to our dial thermostat

I noticed something strange on the wall in our dining room when I got home from school the other day, but my father decided to install a lock box on our dial thermostat, i was a bit confused about why he did it. My father told me that he installed the lock box to prevent any one of us from messing with the dial thermostat. He wants to have temperature control of the home to save currency on our yearly bills. I wasn’t sure how I felt overall although I felt a little mistrust. I know sporadically he isn’t home as well as I would like to adjust the thermostat to my liking… Over the next few days, the temperature in our home didn’t fluctuate. I can’t complain much because the home reMained sizzling as well as comfortable no matter how freezing it got outside. My dad showed me the energy bill after the month as well as I was surprised by what I saw. I feel he was right as well as he made the right call. More recently, the uneven temperatures dropped as well as I felt a bit cold. I asked my dad if my friend and I can unlock the box as well as just turn up the thermostat just a bit. He hesitated a bit even though he provided in. He unlocked the box as well as turned up the home about 5 degrees. He told me that this won’t last long but for a couple of hours he will make that adjustment! A few hours went by, the home got warmer as well as my dad proceeded to the box as well as reduced the temperature back to its original number. I didn’t argue because I know that energy saving is important as well. Plus, I can live with the temperature he has set.

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