My dad gave me a smart thermostat for free

My dad only a few weeks ago was telling me about his heating and air conditioning problems he kept having. He kept telling me he was going to have an A/C specialist take a look at it, but he never seemed to get around to it. But he would continue to complain about how cold or hot the house felt. I was beginning to wonder if he was ever going to call a HVAC repairman. Finally, another week or so later, he told me he had finally called a local heating and A/C business, and explained to them the issue. He had an appointment made, and told him to keep me updated. Later on, when he had the cooling specialist come and look at his furnace system, it turns out it wasn’t an issue with the air conditioner or heater at all, it was an issue with the thermostat! The A/C technician told my father he would have to buy a new thermostat, and my dad decided to buy a smart thermostat online. The smart thermostat was shipped quickly and arrived just as fast. However, when my dad opened the box, there were two smart thermostats inside, not one! My dad called the air conditioning business and told them about the extra thermostat, and they told him to just keep it! He didn’t need another thermostat, so rather than selling it, he gave it to me! I was really surprised and thankful, because my dial thermostat was pretty old and in need of updating, so it was perfect timing!
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