My dad needs a new air filter and he’s decided that he wants a HEPA filter

My dad needs to get a new air filter for his heating and cooling system at his house.

  • He wants to get a HEPA filter since he’s been reading a lot about how HEPA filters are the best ones for keeping the indoor air quality in his house at the highest possible levels.

He is pretty paranoid about the whole coronavirus thing and so he’s always looking for new ways to keep his indoor air quality levels at an all time high. Apparently, HEPA filters are able to catch lots more contaminants and pollutants than other, cheaper air filters. My dad has always been a very thrifty person and so he has never really purchased anything than the cheapest air filters out on the market up until now. He wants me to go to the local heating and cooling business to find the properly sized and rated HEPA filter for his HVAC system. I don’t really know anything about heating and cooling, though. I told him to send me all of the information on his air conditioning system and then I will just give it to one of the employees at the HVAC business. They should be able to find the right air filter for me if I give them all of the information and then my dad says that he will change out the old air filters for the new ones himself. I’m glad that he’s being proactive about things like this instead of sitting around and worrying about it. I think a HEPA filter will be good for his peace of mind!


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