My daughter moved to down south for the heat

My daughter never liked the cold weather.

It seemed that from the time she was old enough to talk, all she did was complain because she was too cold.

She refused to go out of the house unless I had the car turned on and the heater running. I had to take her to school every day because she hated the heating on the school bus. I couldn’t wait until she got old enough to be able to drive herself to school. For her birthday, we got her an auto starter for the car. All she had to do was point it at the car and the car would start. She could even turn on the heater from the house. After graduation, she told me she was going to move south. She said she had put up with the cold for eighteen years and she wasn’t going to do it anymore. She found a college down south and she chose to remain there. I like going to visit, but I don’t like her air conditioning. It is funny how she hated the cold all of her life and now she keeps her thermostat so low that it is only sixty-eight in her house. I go in there in the summer and I get the room that doesn’t have any air vents. I spend most of my time in the bedroom so I don’t freeze from the air conditioning. I find it ironic that if it was only sixty-eight in the house when she was growing up, she would be shivering and turning up the thermostat. Now, she keeps the thermostat set at sixty-eight all of the time..


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