My energy bill is outrageous this year with inflation and drastic climate changes

I had to take a demotion at work just to keep my job.

  • It was a difficult decision to make, however it’s not so easy to just find a position at a competing company.

In my industry, there isn’t much work available for anyone with my level of training. There are entry level positions that would force myself and others to reverse a decade’s worth of experience and gradual upward mobility, and there are supervisor positions that I can’t possibly qualify for at this point in time. That’s where I sit on the situation, so my best bet is to keep my head up and hope that things go as positively as they can. At least I’m getting my expenses handled after so several years of frivolous spending. I create a strict budget every month that I stick to when I’m shopping and living my life. If I wasn’t so frugal with my expenses, I wouldn’t be able to afford my rising energy bill that takes up a important chunk of my monthly budget. It’s not just the inflation price increases, my energy bill also went up because of drastic climate patterns this past year. The Summer was hotter than usual and this past Wintertide has been one of the most intense on record for our entire country. If I’m not running my a/c all day long, it seems like I’m using my furnace instead. With little time in the Fall and Spring seasons to get a chop from yearly Heating, Ventilation, and A/C use, you can only imagine what my heating and cooling costs are like over a 12 month period. It’s absolutely unlucky that I have to spend so much money just to be comfortable in my home.


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