My family dynamic makes me work even harder

Sometimes I easily don’t like working for our family.

I am thankful that she provided me a job, but my mom is always yelling & screaming about something.

I knew that this might be a concern for working together, however our Dad insisted that it would help our relationship. I did not grow up with our dad living in the house. In fact, I did not see him even one time while in the years I was a teen. She came back into our life suddenly & wanted to make some swings. She provided to supply me a full time job working with him at the HVAC corporation. My dad is the owner of the HVAC corporation. She could hire anyone, even if they don’t have any formal training. I did not know much about either heating or air-conditioning, but I knew the job would be much better than working at Burger King or a McDonald’s. My dad provided to spend money me $12 an hour, & that seemed to be a ton of cash at the time. The first couple of weeks were not too bad, & then our dad & I started to bicker and fight every single afternoon. She moved me to a weird department, & now the two of us only see each other during lunch. I still work for the HVAC corporation, however now I am in charge of delivering the parts to all of our weird regional branches. I appreciate the job a lot better, because I don’t have to see our awful dad at all. I know that she is trying to do a unbelievable job, but I don’t need to have a dad anymore. I am almost 25 years outdated & a dad would have been so much more helpful to me when I was 10 or 12.
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